Our Services

Our primary purpose is producing/operating live action shows for major theme parks. Water Ski Shows Inc. has performed on every continent in the World with the exception of Antarctica! We are currently producing and operating shows in major theme parks throughout the US and worldwide.


It is the policy of Water Ski Shows, Inc. that accident prevention shall be considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. WSSI will implement and maintain all safety policies and procedures that have been established. The prevention of accidents is an objective that affects all levels of this operation. It is basic, yet mandatory that each Supervisors makes "safety of the employees and guests" a part of his or her regular daily management duties. In return, each employee will accept and follow all established safety rules and procedures. The first day on the job, a Safety Orientation is conducted for all new employees. The following are special courses and training that cover specific areas of safety, i.e., boat and water vehicle driving and operating procedures including "approved" show patterns, water skiing disciplines, water rescue, CPR, and firearms training. An Incident Prevention Program has been implemented and utilized in all shows. All incidents are thoroughly investigated.


To insure the absolute highest levels of show quality, we maintain strict Show procedures adapted to fit each show site. After each show has been performed, the Company Managers and show leads complete evaluations of performances and maintain daily show logs, which are forwarded to the corporate office and reviewed weekly. To promote the highest standards of performance from our employees, we have created an incentive program that has been implemented through a performance evaluation that monetarily rewards each performer who maintains an outstanding level of show quality.

Recruiting and Hiring

With our companies history in this industry comes a very impressive talent pool from which to draw. Our company maintains an ongoing recruiting campaign for qualified performers through advertisements, schools, and competitions. The hiring process is simply structured:
  • Review applications
  • Check references
  • Interview applicants
  • Schedule auditions
  • Evaluate available talent
  • Make job offers
  • Confirm positions / assign shows
In addition to operating the above stunt shows, WSSI also produced several water ski shows to include: live action stunts, Special Effects and pyrotechnics, i.e., Rappels from stadium roof, slide for life, high falls, action fight sense, flame units and jumps through fire, jet skiers on fire, water cannons, concussion pyro, mortar hits, and line rockets. As a result of these enhancements to the shows, a higher level of audience appreciation and a strong contribution to the marketing/sales campaigns has increased park attendance.

About our company

In the beginning, 1978, our company's interest was specializing in the production and management of water ski shows, thus was born the name Water Ski Shows, Inc. Thirty-four years later, we find ourselves still in the business or producing water ski shows; however, along the way we added much more to our entertainment portfolio.Water Ski Shows, Inc. (WSSI) is now the world's largest producer/manager of water ski shows, stunt shows, children shows, and street entertainment throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Water Ski Shows, Inc. is the largest supplier of talent in the live action water ski and stunt community.

In such shows as:

  • Batman Forever
  • Six Flags Elitch Gardens
  • Lethal Weapon Stunt Show
  • Six Flags Great Adventure
  • King Solomon Mines
  • Walibi Flevo, The Netherlands
  • Terminator 2:3D
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • WaterWorld
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Hot Summer Swing
  • Holiday Park, Hassloch, Germany
  • The Battle of Brickbeard's Bounty
  • LEGOLAND, Florida